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Name:   Jeremy Philip Northam

Birthday:  01/December/1961

Birthplace:   Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England- UK

Marital Status :   single

Height:    6'2" (1,87 m)

Weight:   172 lbs ( 78 kg)

Eyes : brown

Hair:   brown

Family : son of a famous Ibsen scholar, Professor John Richard Northam and his wife, Rachel (a Home Economics' teacher ), he is the youngest of four (two brothers-Christopher and Tim; one sister, Kate).

Home:   London and Norfolk

Drives: an Austin Healey

Skills:  piano and viola; fencing, football (soccer) and cricket; latin and greek;

Awards:  1989 Olivier Awards  - Best Newcomer for the role of Edward Voysey (The Voysey Inheritance);

Edimburg Film Festival - Pathe British Perfomance Prize 1999;

London Critics Circle Award - Best Bristish Actor 2000;

Variety Club- Film Actor of the Year - 2000;

London Evening Standard Awards - Actor of the year 2000

Contact Info:  Mr. Jeremy Northam
c/o ICM - International Creative Management
Oxford House
76 Oxford Street
London, England

Movies, Television and Stage Work: detailed info can be found here.