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Jeremy Northam Hits High Note in 'The Singing Detective'

By Andria Kuo

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - Jeremy Northam ("Gosford Park") will be starring in the upcoming big screen remake of the Dennis Potter scripted BBC series, "The Singing Detective."

Known to play villainous roles ("The Net"), during the press junket for his film "Enigma," Northam told Zap2it that he will be "
playing three nasty bastards [in 'The Singing Detective']. What this is saying about myself, it's dismaying; it should be fun."

The film will also star Robert Downey Jr. as Phillip E. Marlow whose health ailments enable him to go on a fantastic voyage of fantasy creating an alternative reality that centers around the reworking of a novel which he wrote titled The Singing Detective.

His character is the protagonist pursuing Nazi's in the 1940's.

Robin Wright Penn plays nurse Mills, the ex-wife to Downey's character, whose relationship gone sour is worked into his dreams.

Mel Gibson who plays a psychiatrist, is producing the film with his Icon Productions partner, Bruce Davey.

Keith Gordon is set to direct "Detective."

From Zap - 26/April/2002

Jeremy Northam to play bad guy in Singing Detective remake.

Jeremy Northam has joined the cast of the American remake of The Singing Detective.  Robert Downey Jr. is starring in the film which
is being made by Mel Gibson's production Co.  Gibson will also appear
in the film, as does Robin Wright Penn.

Northam tells he plays "the bad guy in Robert's noir-
like fantasies, as well as his nemesis from early life.  "Three time
schemes interlink in the film, and I'm the bad guy throughtout".

( from Ananova - 19/04/2002)

Jeremy Northam, who next stars in "Enigma," bowing Friday, has taken
a  liking to the sound of "The Singing Detective." The steadily
working Brit thesp, who also has "Possession" and "Company Man" in the can, has inked to join Robin Wright Penn, Robert Downey Jr. and Mel Gibson in the remake of the Dennis Potter-scripted BBC series.

 ( From Reuters/Variety 18/04/02)