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I'll Be Watching You

The latest film from Vincenzo Natali, director of 1997's cult sci-fi thriller Cube, has recently finished shooting in Toronto and Empire Online cornered star Jeremy Northam to get the lowdown on bizarro thriller Company Man. 
"I donít know quite how to describe it," said Northam, "but itís kind of a fantasy, hyper-paranoid thriller." 
Company Man sees Northam playing an average Joe who is enlisted into the dangerous world of corporate espionage. Quickly getting in way over his head - as you do - Northam teams up with Lucy Liu's mysterious femme fatale in an effort to keep himself alive. 
"I think Vincenzo wanted to make a kind of 60ís paranoid movie, like it's from the 60s but they didnít get round to making it. There are elements of The Prisoner and Manchurian Candidate, thereís brain-washing and mixed identities, it should be fun. It was certainly fun to make." 
While the basic story seems straightforward enough, it appears that Company Man may well be far more than it first appears. Asked as for some details about the character he plays, Northam smiled knowingly and said:
"actually I play several peopleÖ but to say any more would be giving the game away."

© EMPIRE ONLINE   -26/09/2001


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